This is the RESTful editor, an utility to edit content in a CMS with your desktop applications (e.g. Gimp, OpenOffice, vim, etc.)

An optimistic restful mechanism based in timestamps is used to talk with the server.  This mechanism uses HTTP/1.1, in particular the PUT method and the If-Unmodified-Since header.  At least the Ikaaro CMS is known to support this mechanism and to work with restedit.

This software is a fork of zopeedit, the main difference is the mechanism used to talk with the server (restful or not restful).


Python 2.5 or later is required (tested with python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.1).

The RESTful editor is a single file,, just copy this file to some folder.  For instance:

  # cp /usr/local/bin/

Then configure your browser so it will use the script to open web pages with the application/x-restedit mimetype.

The first time the script is run it will create a .resteditrc file in your home directory.  Edit this file to customize restedit: for example you can choose which applications to use to edit different file types.

Under Windows, you can use the installer. It will install all the dependencies automatically (i.e. you don't need python, ...) and set the utilisation of Restedit for the files with the application/x-restedit mimetype.You can find its last version here.

Download restedit 1.1.1
The source code, browse on-line