Welcome to Localizer’s documentation!

Localizer is a Zope product that allows to build multilingual web applictaions.


This documentation was written for Localizer 0.9, and has not been updated since. Though most of it should apply to newer versions of Localizer, because the API has not changed much.

Documentation, table of contents:

Other documents of interest (external links):

  • List of tips, by Luistxo from Code&Syntax.
  • The slides and the example I used for the talk about Localizer at the fifth Hispalinux congress held in Madrid (Spain). The article is available too. Everything is in spanish only.

Products based on Localizer

  • CMFLocalizer, adds filesystem based message catalogs to the CMF. By Kim Nikolay.
  • Base18, explores new ways to manage multilingual content (for the CMF). By Jean-Paul Smets.
  • Localizer + CMF HowTo and product. Multilingual content for the CMF with Localizer. By Rainer Thaden.
  • Translation Service. Lets to use the i18n ZPT namespace with Localizer. By Florent Guillaume.

Sites powered by Localizer

Here is a list of multilingual web sites that use Localizer. If you’ve used Localizer to build a web site or to develop a multilingual Python product or for something else, please tell me, send me a url if it’s public and a short explanation of how you used Localizer or your experience with it, and I’ll include it on the list.

  • LLEU

    I developed Localizer to build this web site, it included workflow for multilingual documents and an automatic translation system to aid human translators.

  • Code&Syntax

    Code&Syntax is a Zope company specialized in internationalization and localization. They’re the Localizer users number 1, and have provided me very valuable feedback. Other multilingual web sites based on Localizer of this company are:

  • Castagnari


This list has not been updated for a while.

Lead developer Juan David Ibáñez Palomar

Andrés Marzal Varó

Bjorn Stabell

Florent Guillaume

Jean-Paul Smets

Graphic designers Maite Rementeria
Product translators

Arnaud Lefèvre (french)

Danny William Adair (german)

Gabor Suveg (hungarian)

Kazuya Fukamachi (japanese)

Serge Stinckwich (french)

Garikoitz Araolaza (basque)

Luistxo Fernandez (basque)