ITWS allows you to deploy and maintain, in an easy way, multiple websites.

ITWS offers high level features through a user friendly interface:

  • News streams also usable as a simple blog
  • Tags cloud
  • Slideshow: multiple page content which can be displayed with specific layout
  • Sections with composite layout
  • Sidebar which could contain static data like web pages or dynamic data like:
    • filtered news
    • tag cloud
    • table of content
    • twitter stream
    • specific menu
  • RSS feeds:
    • emission website's global, by tag or for news
    • display of external feeds with multiplexing and filtering
  • Configurable menu
  • Contents are editable directly through the front office, a specific editing mode adds helpers
  • Inline editing of CSS, favicon, etc.
  • Customizable Footer with multiple content which could be ordered or randomized
  • Sitemap

ITWS stands for ITaapy WebSites. It is the fruit of `Itaapy`_'s work for its clients. It tries to responds different needs with a coherent product.

Based on iKaaro

ITWS is a built on top of iKaaro. It adds features to help communication and
ease of use.

iKaaro is a complete CMS featuring

  • Multilingual contents
  • Full search capabilities thanks to Xapian
  • Versioning of all contents and metadata
  • A set of modules: agenda, forums, tracker, etc...
  • A wiki which can generate ODT books (using lpOD project libraries)
  • User and role management
  • Flexible workflow engine
  • One-click on line editing (external editor)

iKaaro (and the itools libraries) main technical characteristics are:

  • RESTFul architecture
  • Built around data: the object database is based on file system with data in its original format
  • Heavy use of standards (iCal, XHTML, XML)
  • Use of git as the transaction manager and versioning system


Those dependencies shall be satisfied using pip, but also check itools and ikaaro's needs before installing, see itools README and ikaaro's README

Install & Deployment

See the file INSTALL for information on installing ITWS and deploying a

The demo

Try the demo (username and password: admin) to see the tip of the iceberg.

Download itws 1.1.1

Download old versions
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Itaapy offers support for ITWS
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