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iKaaro is a Content Management System (CMS) built on Python & itools. It’s povide a rich API and tools to design easily websites and web applications.

The itools software is a library for the Python programming language. It offers a large range of capabilities to the Python developer.

ITWS allows you to deploy and maintain, in an easy way, multiple websites.

Localizer is the standard Zope product to develop and build multilingual web applications. Provides solutions to internationalize and localize both the software and the content.

ODF Internationalization (i18n) Test Suite
The ODF Internationalization (i18n) Test Suite includes more than 200 tests illustrating how to convert an ODF document to a translation file (like PO).

Perfect Sale - Solution Ecommerce en Python
E-commerce puissant développé en open source sous Python et iTools

An utility to edit content in a CMS with your desktop applications (e.g. Gimp, OpenOffice, vim, etc.)