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ikaaro 0.62.9 released (May 27th 2012)

Speed of write operations has been much improved by using libgit2/pygit2. New configuration variable auth-cookie-expires allows to end user's session after the defined time of inactivity. Now emails sent by the application have the user's email address in the Reply-To field, and not anymore in the From field. TinyMCE upgraded to 3.4.9

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itools 0.62.9 released (May 27th 2012)

Now itools requires libgit2 and pygit2.

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ikaaro 0.62.8 released (Nov 02nd 2011)

There have been two major user interface improvements: a progress bar for file uploads, and a rich editor for CSS files. There are two new configuration options (max-width and max-height), when set, uploaded images will be scaled down to save space in the database.

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iKaaro is a Content Management System (CMS) to easily build, deploy and maintain web sites and applications.
itools is the indispensable toolbox for the advanced Python developer: a virtual file system, an index and search engine, a web programming interface, and much more!
Localizer is the de-facto standard way to build multilingual web applications with Zope.
The ODF Internationalization (i18n) Test Suite includes more than 200 tests illustrating how to convert an ODF document to a translation file (like PO).